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Intellectual Property Rights

Best Makeup website is a website belonging to the “Best Makeup” company, commercial registration No. 5326, and Best Makeup Company is a company for Internet and mobile applications and electronic content management for its owner Abdul Rahman Al-Laithi, the site provides its services in line with Article 2 of the Millennium Copyright Law Digital, 17 USC Section 512 (“DMCA”).
We therefore treat any communication due to a violation of intellectual property rights on the site very seriously.

Also, please be aware that the Best Makeup
s website does not in any way allow the transfer of any of the materials edited on the site, including written content and media files, and all legal means will be used to protect the intellectual content of the site. Protection Status

If you find any content on the
Best Makeup website that violates your intellectual property rights in one way or another, please contact this mail:
Or use the means of communication here:
And an explanation in your request about how your property rights have been violated and send the link to the site specifically that violates your intellectual rights, and we will provide you with a clear response about the situation and delete any violation or violation of your intellectual material.

Please accept our respect.

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