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best makeup is an independent Egyptian news web portal that publishes urgent and popular news in Egypt and the world.
Nojoom Misr is affiliated with the "best makeup " company, commercial registration No. 3326, and a company
What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The privacy of our visitors at we use cookies (cookies or cookies), much like the sites on the Internet, as is the case with our demand agencies.
These cookies or cookies that will be a third party cannot be accessed or controlled.
If you want to disable cookies?
DART knows your interests across the web and is interested in the sites you visit but none of your personal data is received..
Who we are:
This information is used to display ads on pages.
Do not face the best makeup  website on your own.
Personal data is generated from technical operations such as contact forms, comments, cookies and analysis.
When visitors comment on the Egyptians' website, we collect their data in a form, or the visitor's IP address and proxy chain. An anonymous series may be provided Gravatar service privacy policy available here: After approving a comment, your profile picture will be
If you upload pictures to the website, you can avoid uploading photos with the included location data (EXIF GPS). Visitors to the site can download and extract any data
If you leave a comment on the site, you can enable your name, email address and website to be saved in cookies. This is for your convenience yet. These cookies will last for one year.
If you have an account and have blogged this site, we will configure it to not contain a cookie
When you log in! Cookies for login information. Your login will continue for two weeks. When you choose "Remember me", you have deleted your files
An additional cookie definition file will be saved to your browser if you edit or post an article. This file does not contain anyone else. It will expire in one day.
Articles on this site may include embedded content (for example: videos, pictures, articles, etc.). Guaranteed content behaves from other websites that may aggregate your websites.
If you have an account on this site, or leave comments, you can request to have a file exported from personal data. You can request the removal of any personal data. This does not include any data that we are obligated to keep.
Visitor comments can be verified with the spam detection service automatically.
In best makeup, we display advertisements from Spicol, and they display topics from best makeup, along with ads
To change privacy files, you can direct here.
For inquiries, contact us.

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