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Treatment of abdominal pain and its causes

Abdominal pain is one of the most common symptoms among children and adults, and there are many reasons behind abdominal pain. These pains are the aches or feeling of colic in the area below the chest and extend to the pelvic area, These pains are caused by a problem in the stomach or one of the other internal organs in the abdominal cavity, and abdominal pain is one of the most difficult pains that many can not afford. 

When you feel the pain, go directly to one of the specialists, to treat the cause and not to continue to take painkillers, which usually make it worse, as the painkillers delay treatment and harm the patient in the case of frequent use, and you can through this article to know the treatment of abdominal pain And its causes, follow us. 

Treatment of abdominal pain
Treatment of abdominal pain If the pain is due to stomach disease or inflammation of the colon usually regulate the types of food eaten by the individual, yet the organization of food is not enough and the patient should go to the doctor as soon as the case of pain continued for a long time, You should also know that abdominal pain is caused by a problem in one of the internal organs, so the treatments treated by the individual without going to the doctor may harm him and worsen instead of solving the problem, and we will give you a variety of ways to relieve pain or disposal in It was simple and did not need to go to a doctor:

    Eat non-solid soft foods, including natural juices, fresh vegetables, soups and water, instead of solid foods that increase pain.
    Eliminate cramps that cause the feeling of colic by working compresses on the area that causes pain with warm water.
  1 - the use of some mild painkillers that do not produce any side effects.
    2. Stop eating foods that contain large amounts of fat, or fried foods.
  3. Stop smoking habit in case the patient is smoker, as well as stay away from smokers in case he is not.
  4 - If the patient is drinking alcohol must be avoided.
    5. If your doctor drinks too many drinks such as Nescafe and coffee, you should avoid them.
   6. Acidic foods such as tomatoes, oranges and lemons should be avoided.
   7. Regular exercise in a regular way.
    8. Take a teaspoon of latency followed by a glass of water.
    9. Drink a teaspoon of white honey daily.
  10 - Drink a glass of warm milk after boiling well.
 11. Drink ginger.

Types of abdominal pain and its causes

    Pain caused by stomach disorders and problems: The pain is not strong compared to the other, and is usually accompanied by a feeling of nausea and accompanied by vomiting in some cases, if the pain for the first time, irregular and can be treated at home with a series of simple treatments, but if the pain regular and repeated You should go to your doctor immediately, because there are heart diseases that cause symptoms similar to those symptoms.
    Abdominal pain associated with diarrhea and persistent vomiting refers to a food poisoning situation. In this case, it is best to go to the doctor directly, without any medication to stop vomiting or laxatives to empty the bowel contents.

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