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Tips and shampoos help you lose weight in the fastest time

Some people may suffer from a problem that when starting a health system or starting to exercise, the first week begins with satisfaction and joy due to improvement in mood, health, fitness and weight loss markedly on the balance and on the clothes, but after the second week begins to feel hopeless and Weakness of the desire because of the low rates of weight loss, but on the contrary, some people with exercise find that the weight started to increase, and this because of some errors that affect some of the system of burning the body and affect the low weight and in some cases help to increase the weight 

Tips and guidance for increasing burning and slimming
    As far as sugar is possible, because sugar helps to increase insulin in the blood, which is the role of keeping fat in the body, so avoid getting away from it, especially after eating, prefer to eat diet sugar and as much as one hanging a day or hanging one Of normal sugar in the narrowest cases.
    Distancing from white flour, one of the most serious problems found in white flour is that it contains a large percentage of calories so it is always advised to stay away from it and replace it with brown flour, which is found in municipal living or live toast.
    Avoid soft drinks, sweets, chips and fennel potatoes, because they contain a large percentage of harmful fats, so prefer to stay away from them as much as possible, and you can drink soft drinks Diet does not contain sugar.
    Carbohydrate reduction and increase in protein and healthy fats, it is known that the body uses carbohydrates as energy for the body, so we will reduce carbohydrates in the body until the body to rely on the body's fats instead of carbohydrates.
    Exercise at least half an hour a day, so walk on at least or run or go to the gym.
    Adding spices and especially warm to food, they help to increase the rate of calories, because you do not prefer if you do not like.
    Increase the number of meals and reduce the number of calories in the meal, some may suffer from the problem that he likes to eat a lot of food, so it is always advised these people to eat a lot of meals but have a low calorie rate of 200-300 calories per meal.
    Avoid reddish food and replace it with boiled or walking.
    Avoid obesity or oils and replace them with olive oil, and do not expose it to high

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