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Thinness: Causes and treatment

Is thinness a disease or not, and thinness is something to fear or not, and what is the treatment of thinness and how to follow the doctor in the case of thinness excess and all this. We will discuss it in our next topic and will identify all the information that can benefit the person who is thin and the treatment necessary for this 

Thinness is not a disease or a risk of which a person is afraid. A person is described as thinner if he weighs, for example, less than the normal weight of a person, such as a person, for example, in the same age and in the same length. In order to be thin or not, The person who is thin should not worry about whether a person is suffering from a disease and that in this case the causes of thinness that can affect the person 

Causes of thinness
Here are a bunch of things that cause thinness in my natural person and from these reasons
First: Depression and psychological tension and nervous person, and this situation leads to loss of appetite of the person of food
Second: the excess movement of the person where the movement of the polarization and burning activity by the person leads to burning calories.
Third: genetics It is possible to come thinness through genetics and genetic factor of the father or mother or grandfather or grandmother and so plays the genetic factor an important role in that matter.
Sensitivity Allergy may sometimes lead to difficulty in absorption and indigestion.
Fifth: Medications take some medications very much and without any need of the body to these drugs this leads to loss of appetite for the person to eat.
Sixth: Worms Any abdominal worms where the presence of worms in the abdomen and intestines leads to the loss of appetite of the individual food 

Treating thinness
First: Sports, where the practice of sport to open the appetite of the person for food and help him to digest.
Second: the ring, the person to drink boiled from the milking a day and with him an addition of honey to the ring or it is possible to eat the green ring that helps to increase weight.

Third: Coriander, we must grind the coriander and take from them a teaspoon of crushed coriander or we can eat green coriander power, it helps to get rid of thinness and work to increase the weight of the body.

Fourth: Onions the person must eat onions or onions with eating daily to open the appetite, as onions work to open the appetite of the person on food and help increase food to get rid of thinness and overweight.

Fifthly: bananas, raisins and sesame, and when eating too much bananas, sesame and raisins, all this leads to the treatment of thinness and weight gain.

Sixth: walnuts, almonds, dates and honey, we must work to break walnuts and almonds and we are kneading with dates and honey and is eaten daily to increase weight and treat slimness.
Seventh: protein. When eating foods containing proteins such as meat and liver as well as dairy and fish.

Eighth: Vegetables and Fruits Every character must consume fresh fruits and vegetables each day.
Ninth: Dear love, the person must crush the love of Aziz and we add the love of Aziz and we also add crushed nuts and added to a cup of milk and drink daily to get rid of thinness and work to increase weight.
Tenth: Tahini is one of the most important things that can be added to the authorities and is taken daily for thin treatment and weight gain

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