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The World's Best Ways to Quit Smoking (Allen Carr Method)

The philosophy of this method is to search for the reasons that make you smoke, did the smoker choose to smoke or was the last choice of the smoker was the first cigarette? Certainly the smoker did not choose to be a longevity smoker, but he chose the first cigarette and then became captive to it afterwards, if you get started we start looking for the reasons that make you smoke.  

Why do you smoke?
This question was addressed to a group of smokers who wanted to take off, which were the answers.
1. The cigarette relieves my tension.
2 - Enjoy the cigar and I relax.
3. Cigarette helps me to concentrate.
4 - amusing and relieve boredom.
5 - I taste it.
6. It's usually fun.
7. I feel miserable without a cigarette.
When asked the same people, why do you want to quit smoking? These were the answers
1 - harmful to health.
2 - cost me a lot of money.
3. It's usually dirty and nasty.
4. The cigarette controls my life.
5 - give bad smell to the soul and my clothes and hair.
6. This habit is not social.
7. I am allergic.
8. It is a bad role model for children.
9. My fingers and teeth became yellow and stained.
10 - hit cough and cough a lot.
11 - I feel that I am a slave to her.
If the smoker sees advantages as he sees the disadvantages of smoking, we will not go into flaws so much we all know them, but let's look at the advantages.
Do not notice that the advantages are contradictory, the cigarette needed at the tension and then enjoy it when relaxing, tension and relaxation two opposing qualities ... help me to focus and reduce boredom, as well as focus and boredom are completely opposite ... How you like the taste and you do not eat .. Then how can be a cigarette You can not smoke in the presence of your family, but go away to smoke.
In short, all these deceptive benefits have been brainwashed since the beginning of your smoking either through some movies or even older people, all of which are baseless. But the real reason is actually what is called the "ner kar" nicotine trap.
The nicotine trap

The bad news is that nicotine is the most addictive drug known to mankind, but the good news is that it is the simplest drug in the effects of physical withdrawal. The nicotine rate in the blood is halved two hours after you have gone into the cigarette. The smoker then feels a sense of distress like the feeling of hunger. It is hunger, but it is not your hunger, it is the hunger of this little beast that you have introduced to your body with the first cigarette you drank.
The nicotine monster

This feeling of unease associated with the smoker throughout his life, which he believes the cigarette will be spent, is a sincere feeling, and the cigarette may actually relieve this feeling, but it will no longer feel the satisfaction that he had before he became a smoker. Every cigarette he drinks is a new attempt to reach this condition. But this is not the only thing that is caused by this monster, which is infested by your body with the first cigarette. This beast feeds on nicotine, and whenever you need it, take it from inside to achieve its desire and give it nicotine, and when it calms down after getting it. You fancy that you are in a better state, And during your continuous journey to feed this monster spend a lot of money and lose your health gradually between the narrowness of the blood vessels and deprive all your body members of the necessary oxygen, and loss of your physical abilities, To God forbid lung cancer.
so, what's the solution?
Many smokers use methods such as nicotine replacement, electronic cigarettes or others to quit smoking. These methods may succeed in taking you away from traditional smoking, but you will still be a slave to this malignant beast. Some may take off without any of the above methods, but throughout your life you feel deprived. And craving for cigarette, this feeling in addition to being mentally exhausted, the likelihood of returning to smoking remains great.

The question remains unanswered, what is the solution?
The solution according to the "Allen Carr" method is to kill the monster.

After realizing the reality of the illusions that dominate the smoker about the advantages of smoking and our awareness of the extent of the severity and damage of the cigarette, and our discovery of this monster that we planted ourselves with the first cigarette, the time to eliminate him by depriving him of food, and dear reader to enjoy killing, when you refrain from smoking You have to realize that those who are suffering at this moment are this beast, not you, so do not grieve. On the contrary, I will suffer more and more by abstaining for a long time until you completely eliminate it. On the first day the beast will be tortured. The third shall be greatly weakened, and with the days the end shall come You should enjoy this and do not feel deprived or angry. Enjoy being freed from the bondage of this hateful monster that has caused you so much trouble, but you must be aware that one cigarette will create a new monster. Do not weaken and say one cigarette will not do anything. .
Finally, dear reader, if you decide to get out of your prison and kill and suspect, start now and write us a comment from now and we will continue together until you are completely liberated

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