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The problem of teeth and the problem of children and adults .. Causes and treatment

The problem of tooth decay in children and adults is one of the health problems that affect the individual often as a result of pressure and nervousness, which is exposed during the long hours of the day, and the island on the teeth is a medical term that the specialists launched on the squeak, and badness is a psychological condition occur significantly during sleep hours, Too often the owner does not feel that condition out  

In some cases, the problem of dentation on the teeth of the patients is simple, so in this case does not require medical intervention, but other cases that are accompanied by side effects, including warp jaw, or damage to teeth or headache and other side effects required medical intervention immediately, For more complications.
The problem of tooth decay

One of the doctors said during a series of statements he made about tooth decay or squeak, that the problem is difficult to observe before the emergence of side effects and complications resulting from it, adding that the reason for this is that they occur during sleep hours, and therefore should be observed accurately until Do not get into the problems of side effects.
Causes of toothache "squeak"

The doctors said that the cause of toothache or squeaking is often a psychological condition, as a result of:

    The state of frustration and anxiety that accompany the individual.
    Exposure to stress and nervousness.
    The competitive and aggressive characters are significantly different from other personalities.

Symptoms of squeak

    It can cause the teeth during sleep to make a noise so annoying that it may awaken from sleeping next to the patient.
    Cause erosion of the dental lid and thus reveals the tooth nerve.
    Marked weakness in teeth and fracture.
    Sensitive sensitivity in the teeth.
    Pain in the jaw muscles and a condition of abnormal wear.
    Chronic pain affects the face in general.
    Headache injury when waking up.
    The inner tissue of the jaw may fall under the movement of the teeth and thus erode.


A person may suffer a lot of complications as a result of the negligence of treatment of that situation, such as:

    The presence of chronic pain in the face.
    Frequent pressure on the teeth may cause damage.
    The patient's so-called tension headache.
    Disturbances in the mandibular joint directly in front of the ear.

Treatment of tooth decay

One of the diseases caused by psychological factors such as stress, tension and nervousness, and this treatment of this disease once it is observed to treat the cause of this disease, through:

    Eliminate stress and stress.
    If you can not stop the problem, you should prevent symptoms and complications, by using a toothpaste to keep them from damage due to the strong pressure on them.
    Any curvature or problem that appears on the teeth should be repaired as soon as they appear.

To prevent the problem of tooth decay, follow these steps:

    Minimize stress and stress.
    Develop a life system that provides a state of psychological comfort and does not make him vulnerable to stress and stress.
    Stop eating alcohol immediately or smoking if the problem owner addresses any of them.

You can also get rid of the problem of tooth decay if the problem is related to the stress and stress experienced by the following:

    Try breathing deeply and slowly
    You should practice yoga daily, especially in the early morning of every day.
    If you do not have a problem with massages, it is possible to attend them periodically.
    Take a bath before bedtime with warm water and wear loose and comfortable cotton clothes.
    To maintain a daily reading period, try selecting the subjects you like that do not increase stress and tension.
    You should listen to quiet music that relaxes nerves and relieves stress and stress.

Symptoms of tooth decay in young children

A number of news reports have declared that the problem of denture on the teeth in young people is related to the non-applicability of the jaws to some of them, but the majority believes that the reason behind The problem of tooth decay in young people is certainly linked to stress and stress factors and psychological stress on children.

The incidence of tooth decay in children between the ages of five and six to about 30%, and make sure that the problem is very common among children with mental retardation as well as epilepsy, and many natural children can overcome the problem of toothache or squeak with Aging.

The cause of the problem in children may also be the formation of teeth or some of the diseases that cause it, such as Parkinson's disease, or as called "Parkinson", and can produce the problem as a symptom of one of the psychological drugs used by the child, so the psychological problems are not the only cause For such a problem in the case of children.
Factors to be avoided

There are a number of factors that you should avoid if you are a dental oncologist, or if you want to avoid the problem.  These factors are:

    Physical anger and pressure: The problems of stress, tension, anger and negative emotions that make the person lose his temper are considered the first factors that create this problem, and cause a large extent of the continuation and aggravation.
    Age: Age is one of the factors that affect the problem of dentistry on teeth, where the rate of infection in children and decrease with age.
    Caffeine: Caffeine is one of the reasons that cause the problem of tooth decay, so it should be greatly reduced.

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