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The dangers and dangers of eating sweets are too much for children

Parents use sweets as a reward for their children most often because the child feels happy after handling the local food because it satisfies his desires and encourage to do good behaviors and move away from the wrong behaviors or a way to buy the love of the child but unfortunately they do not know the harm they cause because of this method Many baby sweets are only opening the door of the doors of addiction
 Damages of eating sweets a lot 

The sugars or sweets are not always bad and the body needs to produce the energy necessary for movement, activity and brain, not to make them to do a currency and does not accept a substitute for them, but must be addressed in reasonable quantities in order to avoid the harmful effects of the frequent eating 
These damages are
 tooth decay
Dental caries is one of the health problems prevalent nowadays, because it increases with sweets that stick to the teeth, and eating sweets at different times harmful to the teeth even if the quantity was taken small
Sweetened juices and soft drinks also damage teeth such as chocolate and sweets obesity
The increase in the intake of sweets in the incidence of obesity and obesity is a problem of the age of health and social and not eating sweets is the only cause of obesity, but increased consumption of foods in general is the cause of obesity, including eating sweets.give the sweets sudden sensation of starch, which causes the increase in blood sugar suddenly causing hyperactivity and falling suddenly causing an unwanted feeling of fatigue, which affects the activity of the child becomes unpredictable behavior and difficult to control.affect the growth process
Sugar in these sweets empty sugar carries only calories but without any food elements so when eating a large amount of the child's stomach is filled with food, but without getting the required nutrition and also the child will not be able to eat meals required food, which leads to a defect in nutrition habits Which affects the growth process of children.
In the end, I want to make clear to the parents an important point in my previous words. It is not that my talk about the damage of sweets means depriving your children of them, but of following the method of compromise, which is dealt with by children, but in a reasonable manner, because sweets are one of the things that are made for the pleasure of adults and young people. Children of that happiness.

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