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Study: Grape protects the body from a type of cancer

Grape is one of the most common fruit and the most sought after fruit and banana, these fruits are one of the most fruits in all the world markets, and the grapes contains many healthy fruits, but in today's topic we will talk about the study conducted on grapes To know the benefits and treatment of one of the cancers that may affect the body 

Grapes are known to contain resveratrol, one of the most common compounds to help cure lung cancer. The experiment was based on a group of mice. Scientists divided the mice into 4 groups, a group that would not be exposed to any kind of pollution or any Type of remedy, the second one organization will be exposed to smoke however will no longer receive remedy, the third group will be uncovered to smoke and could take treatment, the fourth institution will be exposed to smoke but will not take treatment.

The third group, which was exposed to lung cancer through smoke, was able to reduce the size of the tumor to more than 45% by resveratrol. This is a large proportion found in a compound directly, but the report did not directly indicate that eating grapes in the mouth helps To get rid of cancer, but the discovery of this compound will help significantly to find a cure for this disease

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