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Redness of the face: causes and solutions

Redness of the face causes and redness of the cheeks and this beyond the feeling of a person ashamed or embarrassed by the position of what is being exposed to the person, how to identify the causes of this redness and health reasons and what solutions to this problem, and this is what we will address in our next article 


Some people may always associate the redness of the face we always see with feelings, especially feelings of embarrassment and shame, but the causes of redness of the face may be far away from that pure, here are a range of common causes of life redness of the face and proposed solutions for this redness

First: Feelings

In fact, the redness of the face, is not only related to the feeling of embarrassment, but that the redness is the result of any feeling is a kind of excitement or emotion of the body, and when the person is in his emotions, and the body of the person interprets these emotions and the body of the person on the body adrenaline, To raise the heartbeat and pump blood quickly, and this leads to the expansion of blood vessels in the body and in the head and face, as well as the expansion of blood vessels in the face and this leads to the appearance of blood vessels in the form of redness in the face.

The solution to these things, it may be easy to tell the person that, but its application is not so easy, and when the emotion you must pay attention to the same person and take the same. This will help you to control the rate of strokes. Your heart and the speed of pumping blood in your body.

Second: Temperature

When the human body is exposed to an unbalanced temperature, whether the body is exposed to extreme cold or extreme heat, when exposed to the body, for example, to the extreme cold, it tends to maintain the first pumping blood to the internal organs to protect it.
It takes place to give an explanation for the blue coloration that controls your external pores and skin in the extreme bloodless.
But when your skin is exposed to cold breaths in spite of the warmth of the human body, then the body tends to send blood to warm it, and this leads to the expansion of blood vessels in the face and therefore the redness of the face is in the form of slaps.

Of course, this extreme heat also leads to an increase in blood flow speed to cool the body by sweating, which leads to redness of the face also
For all these things, the person must work to stay in an environment with a temperature close to the temperature of the body of the person, and love the person to work to maintain the survival of the scarf or hat with this person during the warm days and avoid the cold.

Third: An allergic reaction

When the body of a person is exposed to a specific allergic stimulant, the secretion of a chemical called histamine, which in turn stimulates the blood to rush in the body to treat the toxins caused by allergies and blood rush. This leads to the expansion of blood vessels, especially the blood vessels in the face and redness of the cheeks
The solution is that after reviewing your doctor, this doctor may prescribe antihistamines that inhibit the production of histamine as an allergic reaction to this.

Fourth: high blood pressure

In a situation where you suffer from high blood pressure, you also suffer from chronic redness of the face. Blood pressure is generally caused by a partial obstruction in your arteries, blood vessels, blockage, and high blood pressure, which causes the heart to pump heavily. The body, which makes it reach the surface of the skin with a rush, expands the blood vessels in the face and turns red permanently
The solution to this whole thing and in this case turns the talk from the aesthetic side to the health side where blood pressure with time to stress the heart and also threatens you heart attack and here you have to be careful to review the doctor to control blood pressure and monitor your health.

Fifth, exercise

, Exercise is one of the most important things, and when the exertion of sports burn the muscles of the person from their food, which requires the body to provide food and air, ie glucose and oxygen, which means that the body to send supplies to the muscles by pumping blood faster, and of course the blood pump and accelerate blood velocity Which leads to enlargement of blood vessels in the face and redness of the face, and the solution to this matter in fact may not be unavoidable redness of the cheeks during the exercise, but be careful to breathe well and take the appropriate breaks between them as this will help the muscles of the person to benefit Its more exercise and may actually reduce redness.

Sixth: Hormones

, The change in hormones may sometimes lead to redness of the face, for example in the period of pregnancy and menopause. The change in hormones may lead to a rise in the sodium level in the body, which in turn leads to a rise in body temperature and therefore redness of the face, and the solution to all this.Hormonal changes should be reviewed by a specialist doctor and then the doctor may prescribe hormonal treatments that work to balance the sodium in the body and thus reduce the temperature and reduce the redness of the face.

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