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Natural methods to prevent hair loss

None of us can bear the loss of his hair, especially the excess of it, which may lead to baldness or to the existence of large areas free of the head affect psychologically on the person's social and professional also is one of the most important elements of beauty in the human form and the manner of demobilization and express the personality of the individual And its advantages from others so you must know the cause of hair loss to get proper care, especially with the high proportion of air pollution and everything surrounding the hair.

Also other factors such as stress and lifestyle in terms of eating and here we mean the unbalanced diet and standard of living in addition to the latest fashion of hair is also a major causes of falling, and may extend the reasons also include hormonal imbalances of the human having a direct and indirect impact On hair if you just need to follow these home tips below to control his loss and protect him.

Hot Oil Massage :

Massage the scalp with hot oil is one of the best solutions for strengthening the blood circulation of the hair follicles. This is to get a good and good nutrition for these peels. Hot oil massage helps to relax and reduce the stress and stress that also causes hair loss.

Or coconut oil and massage the scalp slowly with the fingertips to promote blood circulation of the scalp.

Promotion ring hair growth :

The ring is rich in hormones that affect the hair follicle and its growth as well as it is rich in proteins stimulating hair growth and strengthening.

Sprinkle a large tablespoon of the ring in the water at night to grind and mix the next morning and get a soft paste and then put the putty on the scalp for 30-45 minutes and then suction water only and no need to use shampoo.
Natural methods to prevent hair loss
The ring

Treatment of cactus hair loss:

Cactus is another treatment for hair loss because it is anti-bacteria and a cleaner, which reduces the inflammation and itching and accompanying scaling, which leads to the fall of a significant part of the hair.
Another characteristic of cactus is the natural low pH that helps to grow new hair follicles. Extract the cactus gel from the leaves and put it for 30 to 45 minutes above the scalp and then wash the head with water, using this method three to four times a week gives effective and positive results.
Natural methods to prevent hair loss
Aloe vera gel has properties that make it useful for hair

Beet juice for hair health :

Beetroot is rich in nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium ..  These essential nutrients are important for hair growth.
You can drink beetroot daily for healthy natural growth or you can use the beet paste over the scalp and leave it for 30 to 45 minutes and then suction with water Follow this advice at least twice a week to get satisfactory results.
Natural methods to prevent hair loss
You can use beet juice or beet paste

Food Balance :

Hair loss As we said at the beginning of the article that it has to do with the diet of the individual, the more balanced the diet of a person, the less the incidence of such things so it is recommended to follow a balanced food plan interspersed with meals rich in nutrients important for human health in general and for hair in particular Proteins .. zinc ...).
Natural methods to prevent hair loss
Balanced diet is the foundation

Stress and stress :

Psychological factors also play an important role in the maintenance of human health also hair health, so we find that hair loss may be a reflection of some of the psychological factors bad.
You should avoid stress and stress by providing spaces for rest and relaxation, organizing times for exercise, and other times for reading or anything you find comfort in. You must also avoid doing things beyond your capacity and respect your body's privacy.
Natural methods to prevent hair loss
Stress affects human health and has an effect on hair loss

Cosmetics & Fashion :

You should abstain or at least not overuse the special products of hair from generation and oils .. because it simply contains a significant amount of chemicals that harm the hair and over time will affect the cohesion and strength.
And finally these were some tips that help you in the treatment and prevention of hair loss .. Your application of these tips gives you good results over time.

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