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I lose 15 kg in two weeks with the Corne Flex

Flex is a corn flake and is sold in groceries and shopping malls in various forms and types, and is considered one of the favorite meals for all, especially young ones

But did you know that the Coron Flex carries a lot of benefits? Corn Flakes contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. It also contains a good proportion of natural fibers that help fill a large area of ​​the stomach and the person feels full for a long time.A range of scientific reports and reports showed that cornex flex can be used for 15 kg weight loss in two weeks.However, many nutritionists have warned that it is not possible to prolong this diet. Its maximum limit is only two weeks, because during this period it will rely on corn flakes, milk, yoghurt and apples only.The reason why this diet is not prolonged is the fear of exposing the body to many of the symptoms and side effects such as anemia, exhaustion, persistent tiredness as well as some problems in bones and teeth.A diet schedule for the Alkorn Flex as an example lasts for two weeks for a loss of approximately 15 kg

:the breakfast: A cup of mixed crispy flakes with a cup of warm milk and a spoonful of white honey.The fruit of apples can be eaten after two hours of breakfast 
Food: A cup and a half of corn flakes with two cups of warm milk preferably be skimmed and can be sliced ​​the fruit of an apple in a cornex bowl.You can eat a fruit of apples or cucumber two hours after the last meal

.the Dinner: A cup of corn flakes and a cup of skimmed yogurt and mixed with each other 

.Some tips for successful Corne Flex
  :1-Drink large amounts of water a day to compensate the body for the loss of nutrients and the strengthening of energy, where doctors advise drinking about 3 liters of water a day divided between meal
 -.2 - Exercise light helps to lose some extra pounds and tighten the relaxation and stimulate blood circulation, such as exercises stomach and pressure and walking for at least half an hour continuously. 
3 - Sleep early and not to keep a person saves a lot of excess calories because late at night increases metabolism and the feeling of hunger
.4. Avoid smoking and alcohol helps build a healthy body free of toxins.

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