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How to thinner quickly and easily, and the best ways to lose weight correctly

The problem of weight gain is facing many people at all ages. When a person feels that he has gained weight, he begins to search for different diets and diets. He decides to follow a diet, but before starting dieting, let me explain the causes of obesity and the symptoms that increase weight. : If you eat many calories during the day, or you have undergone psychological and social changes, or the presence of genetic history and injury to a member of your family obesity all these factors increase your risk of weight gain, so you have to pay attention to reduce weight so you can get the ideal body and Interesting 

How to slim the body in a short period of time

There are many methods used to lose weight and proved effective by testing many people, and these methods led to weight loss in a fast, effective and safe to the body even without a diet or low calorie diet, here are some methods that work to slim the body

First Water
Drink a large amount of water during the day from 8 to 12 cups, about 3 liters per day, as the water helps to increase the rate of burning significantly, and helps water to feel full, when drinking water before eating will reduce your appetite by a large, It will lose weight naturally without the use of diet

Second: Exercise
When you practice walking, running, running, or going to the gym to exercise under the supervision of specialists, all of this will increase the rate of burning in a quick and effective way as the sport works to burn fat stored in the body and provide the body with the strength and activity necessary to do the daily tasks, It is advisable to practice various sports for half an hour a day, or 3 days a week so you can lose weight easily 

Third division of meals
If you eat 3 large meals a day, this may slow down the burning process inside the body. You should divide the large meals into small meals up to 5 meals throughout the day at a minimum. You can eat breakfast, then two hours fruit, And then you can concede some nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, but in small quantities, and then eat dinner and should be a low-calorie dinner, for example you can eat yoghurt and skimmed and fresh fruit, and attention when eating snacks that do not contain a lot of calories where Increase calorie intake Rrarih to store fat in the body and thus weight gain

Fourth: Sleep enough
Lack of sleep contributes to increase the feeling of hunger, and thus hinder the process of weight loss, so prefer to sleep at night and not to sleep so as not to expose yourself to hunger and starts the hormone satiety less, and begins the hunger hormone to increase activity at night, so you can not lose weight.

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