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Heat stroke: Symptoms and treatment

Sun stroke and the reasons that lead to the sun hit and the symptoms that appear on the person affected by the sun and how to cure and methods of treatment used by a person infected with the sun, such as alternative medicine, where the sun is a kind of cases of excessive temperature in the human body abnormally , It is possible to reach the temperature to about 40 degrees Celsius and may be more than this and this may be accompanied by many symptoms are evident in the body, nerves and many other diseases 

As the sun stroke is an emergency cases that need immediate first aid to reduce the appearance of complications and the occurrence of damage to the brain or damage to organs of the body, and cause death similar to the occurrence of free or free heat is less harmful than a blow to the sun on the human body, and there A group of symptoms and causes of these symptoms and causes of the occurrence of the sun stroke that exposure to the sun has many serious symptoms on the human body and before the knowledge of symptoms should know the cause of the accumulation of this temperature in the human body and this is due to two reasons:

First: The human body produces heat inside the human body through a process called metabolism, and this body can do this heat dissipation in two ways

    Discharge by radiation through the skin or by sweat, which shows the skin is evaporative but in certain cases of injury and exposure to extreme heat or humidity in the summer or extreme fatigue and stress under the heat of the burning sun, the body can not discharge this excess heat and that is which It leads to a high temperature of the human body and sometimes the temperature reaches 41 degrees Celsius
    Drought, where drought is a cause of rapid sunburn, is due to the fact that a person suffering from dehydration can not sweat as well as the average person. He can not get rid of excess heat from his body, which causes the temperature to rise in the body.

 Symptoms of sunburn
There are a variety of symptoms that appear on a person with a sunburn, these symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of heart attacks or other cases of the disease and often the person is exposed to symptoms of heat exhaust before the arrival of the situation to the sun strike and this includes

First: The person suffering from the sunburn feeling of vomiting and nausea as well as feeling tired and tired, especially in walking.

Second, there is the feeling of weakness and constant headache.

Third, there is also the feeling of cramping and the occurrence of a lot of pain in the muscles.

There are many people who enter the symptoms of the sun stroke, as the symptoms of sunbeats include the following first a significant rise in the temperature of the human body and the absence of the emergence of sweat, this is usually this is the first symptoms that indicate a large rise in temperature, The skin is prone to dehydration if the sun is struck by a rise in the temperature of the air, or if for example, the jihad becomes very moist skin.

- There is a rapid acceleration of the heartbeat irregularly, although the rate of blood pressure is at its normal level, but the pace of the heartbeat is in the form of an exponential until these pulses to 130 pulses or more of these pulses per minute where this rate is Higher than the normal rate, this rate is higher than the normal rate at which the rate of heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute naturally, and this is because the high temperature of the body increases the burden on heart rate very significantly and remarkable because in This heart condition works on the same stress in doing the p Such as certain money do to reduce heat and rapid breathing dramatically and this makes breathing be superficial 

A range of treatment methods for sunburn in alternative medicine 
1 - The patient suffering from the sun, should take a bath with cold water or ordinary water while taking care not to be hot water, it increases the risk of water and pour water behind the head for a while.
Second, the injured person lies on the bed. Cold water compresses are placed on the head and are added to a piece of cabbage paper where a headache exists in the person's head
2 - A person with a sunburn should drink mint with the seeds of marmalade and put only 4 beads of camel and boil with mint twice a day, where this drink lasts for three days after being hit by the sun
3 - the person should also drink a teaspoon of vinegar and a mild focus and only three times the lemon in the ear where it absorbs the heat in which the patient has severe headaches
4 - should be placed two points of salt solution in the ear instead of lemon, and drink boiled black local pond pond with natural honey mixture until the human body is completely calm with rapid pacemaker.
5 - You should drink plenty of hot liquids because it compensates for fluids lost by the body with high temperature of the sun.

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