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Fatty skin care and avoid acne

Oily skin is the skin that secrete the natural oils from the pores intensively and noticeable, and suffer the owners of oily skin from acne sometimes with the glossy appearance of the skin as well as blackheads and white because of clogged pores, this type of skin may be difficult to deal with it often because of its nature and ease of sensitivity, Here's the right way to care for oily skin.

Step 1: Clean the skin
The oily skin needs a strong lotion to clean it deeply and reduce its fatty secretions. Therefore, you should use the oil-free lotion which regulates the skin secretions, preferably soap free. Soap is a very harmful substance for all skin types. And once in the evening, when the removal of cosmetics.

Step 2: Using the Pore Clutch (Toner)
Some people with oily skin suffer from the problem of open or clogged pores, and this occurs because of the fatty secretions of the skin. Therefore, the pore or toner should be used after cleaning the skin to ensure that the pores return to their normal size, because the lye cleans deeply but leaves the pores open.

Step 3: Moisturize the skin

The majority of us believe that oily skin does not need to be moisturized, but this belief is wrong and results in very bad results because the oily skin when deprived of moisturizing produces more oil to compensate for the loss of moisturizing, making it more greasy, so you should take care of moisturizing by using a mild moisturizer. For the nature of oily skin, stay away from heavy moisturizers or moisturizers made specially for the body because it does not fit facial skin.

Step 4: Weekly Care
This is one of the most important steps in oily skin care and consists of:

    Clean the skin with steam
    2 - the use of peeled skin
    3 - use a softening and nourishing mask for the skin

The use of steam opens the pores and saves them from harmful substances and gives the skin a nectar, peeling, rid of the layer of dead skin and dust that accumulate on the skin from time to time, and massage nourishes the skin and softens the peeler used to make the skin healthy and vibrant.

Finally, if you continue these steps in the long term, your skin will be pure and pure. You will suffer less with oily skin and will be more receptive to it, especially since oily skin is not susceptible to strong wrinkles at an early age when taken care of properly.

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