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Doctors warn: damages caused by natural juices are not limited

Millions around the world like to eat different kinds of juices, because they strongly believe in the various benefits of health, and that they have the ability to lose weight, but warned in Britain nutrition experts from the damage to health and the countless intake of juice 

And experts said, there is all kinds of juices and sugars, which help obesity and diseases such as diabetes can be exposed to human infection, and juice helps to deprive the body of useful nutrients and cause the destruction of teeth, and this contrary to popular belief .The Daily Mail reported that the sales of mixers and juices have significantly increased globally, with the highest demand for individual juices, and a number of celebrities are encouraging this because they see it as providing the body with It needs useful nutrients and helps to lose weight.While 83% of Britons currently eat at least one glass of juice a week, experts warn of some juices that are harmful to health, such as soft drinks because they contain sugars in large proportions.The experts stressed that the addiction to a number of juices, may help to spread diabetes, weight gain type II, and problems in the teeth will appear, and that the process of the age of fruit to extract juices lost by many useful elements, and preferably to be Eat the fruits of the fruit as a spoon without being squeezed.The experts explained that the mechanisms of eating fruits of the fruit is complete, no doubt better, at the level of fiber absorption and weight loss and useful nutrients.The researchers added that the vegetables and fruits without doubt, help protect against high blood pressure, strokes and a few types of cancer and heart disease, as well as work to provide important food items, including zinc, to strengthen the immune system and also Folic acid helps build red blood cells.Experts stressed that the age of vegetables or fruit is working to reduce many of the health benefits to them, as the juices are working to extract all the fluids of the fruit, but leave many of the crusts and pulp and seeds, and those parts that actually contain the benefits of the digestive system and It also helps and for a longer period of feeling fullness and contributes to the absorption of certain elements in the body, including calcium.The experts said that at this point, the problem does not stop. Mixers and juicers carry bacteria that can be said to be dangerous, including Salmonella and E. coli, because after the parts it is difficult for the person to clean well after the fruit's time. Over time, which of course with the new juice will come out and make with it.

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