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Da Vinci Shi" robot healthcare expert performs the first operation of a cancer patient

In the wake of the spread of era and the emergence of many inventions that prevailed inside the world, Japan was the first to invent the human being used in all areas of daily life and in industry, and in the field of cars and was also used in health, Royal Marsden Hospital using a new robot A 41-year-old man named Dean Walter from South London. He needs a procedure where the bladder, prostate, rectum and lower colon are removed through a 2-inch incision. The operation usually requires a surgeon and three assistants to cut Chest to me But they used a sophisticated robot to conduct the operation under the supervision of surgeons. 

It took three weeks in the hospital to recover, but Walter was able to return home only 10 days after the operation at Royal Marsden Hospital using the Da Vinci robot.The Da Vinci Shi robot cost $ 2 million. It has four arms to cut tissue, and has the ability to shoot inside the human body with a three-dimensional camera. The doctors controlled the robot during the operation with remote controllers and the operation took eight hours.The patient, "Dean Walter" was diagnosed last year's cancer of the rectum, and despite resorting to chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer spread to lymph glands in the basin, forcing doctors to remove all the members of the bottom of his stomach to eliminate cancer so as not to spread again.
Walter said after the operation that he hopes after this process to return to normal life and start again to return to participate in physical competitions.

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