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3 good reasons will push you to eat Raisins!

Whether eaten in snacks or blended with pastries or cakes or taken as an appetizer, small raisins have nutritional benefits that benefit the human body. In this article we will highlight the three most important reasons that will undoubtedly drive you to eat this most popular fruit among all dried fruits 

 Raisins are a great source of energy
 Raisins are the fruits of fresh grapes that have been dried until they are preserved for a longer time. In fact, their water content is low as it moves from 80% of fresh grapes to about 25% in raisins. And less water ... means more energy! The fruits of raisins are small in size but large in calories. 275 calories per 100 g. A level five times higher than 100 grams of fresh grapes. This is mainly due to carbohydrates (fructose, glucose and sucrose) which are found by a good rate in raisin, about 70%raisins are ideal for energy or physical activity that requires high energy and immediate energy. They are as effective as dietary supplements for athletes ... and probably much better! Also, it should be noted that the hypoglycemic index is very high in raisins, which means that its ability to increase the secretion of insulin, very high by 90. Therefore, should avoid consumption alone, and not excessive.Raisins are free of fat, but are oiled (sunflower oil, palm oil, partially hydrogenated oils) to make them brighter and more attractive, but also to extend their shelf life. This is wrong behavior. It is best if you want to buy them to choose natural fruits free of additives! 

Activated Fruits: Vitamin B, Potassium. 
The fruits of raisins are necessary to replenish energy. It is not only very active for the body but also a great reservoir of vitamins and minerals.The important vitamins are group B vitamins, as they are essential for the metabolism of sugars, and raisins are highly recommended for athletes. As for vitamin C, it is completely free of it. Because of the drying that has been exposed to it!As for the minerals available in raisins, the list is very rich. Potassium (760 mg per 100 g), which is necessary to avoid muscle cramps. There are other minerals such as calcium, magnesium .... In addition to iron dioxide and a mixture of antioxidants that have a significant role in delaying the onset of muscle fatigue and most importantly allow you to recover better. 

A rich source of fiber and useful against constipation
  Fiber is a carbohydrate but carbohydrates can not be digested or absorbed by the body. They are necessary to regulate and facilitate intestinal transit and play a role in satiety. Those in raisins have the advantage of being soft and laxative, so they are ideal for constipation. The consumption of 3 to 4% of them is very sufficient.

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