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10 foods improve kidney function and 10 others destroy them

Some may eat daily foods that improve kidney function, or may cause major damage. Some may wonder about the most important foods that improve renal function and benefit kidney patients 

And what kind of foods should be avoided that harm kidney patients?
The kidneys of small organs that have a large role in the body must pay attention to their health, and know what hurts and keep away from it, and may be surprised some people with severe pain in the lower back at varying periods without knowledge of the cause, and therefore should be aware of the location of the kidneys and symptoms and diseases that affect .

 foods destroys the kidneys should stay away from them:
1 - Soft drinks: Some studies and research have proved that soft drinks have no benefits on the human body, on the contrary, have significant damage, and drinking soda water constantly destroying the kidneys and may lead to the incidence of chronic kidney disease.
2 - increase protein: is the excessive intake of red meat, many fat, which is too exhausting kidneys to do its part in the disposal of excess toxins should be treated moderately, and kidney patients should consult with the doctor in the amount of protein to be taken.
3 - salt: increase the proportion of salt in the body works to increase the accumulation and crystallization outside the kidneys, and the possibility of entering the kidneys also and this is one of the biggest problems affecting kidney patients.
4. Chocolate and cocoa: Foods that should not be overused because they destroy the kidneys in the long term.
5 - taking a lot of painkillers: Taking painkillers and drugs without consulting the doctor hurt the kidneys strongly, should not over-health and know the cause of those pains and treatment without the need to take painkillers.
6. Stimulants: Tea, coffee and all beverages that contain high caffeine, which may become addictive for some, they weaken the kidneys from performing their functions.
Foods high in phosphorus, such as cheese, yogurt, cabburia, soybeans and soy milk, should be taken in moderate amounts and not over-cooked.
8. Foods with high oxalate: such as spinach, beets, nuts, wheat bran and buckwheat, which are not taken by patients with kidney stones.
Alcohol: Alcohol contains salicylic acid, a substance that is completely harmful to kidneys.
10 - Sugars: Do not overuse of sugary substances because it affects the person obesity and osteoporosis and moderation in the intake of these materials. 10 Foods improve kidney function and 10 others destroy it 

10 Foods improve kidney function:
1 - Lemon: Adding a little lemon in your diet works to improve kidney function and improve its performance and cleanse the body of toxins.
2 - Red grapes: It is a fruit that prevents oxidation and work on the rapid flow of blood in the body and advised to take it to clean the kidneys.
3 - garlic and onions: should be concerned with the addition of garlic for food and eating onions in the dishes of power are an antioxidant and improves kidney function.
4 - Cabbage: from the papers rich in fiber and low potassium and is recommended for kidney patients to eat constantly.
Avocado: Contains a high percentage of antioxidants and is recommended to clean the kidneys of toxins.
6- Apples: Fruits that are high in fiber and protect against heart disease and can be eaten as fruits or drink them as juice are excellent ways to improve kidney function.
7. Fish: Omega-3-rich species have a vital role in improving renal function and fish with high phosphorus levels should be avoided.
8- Watermelon: Eat watermelon alone and not mixed with some foods or juices.
9 - parsley: of paper that helps to generate urine and clean the body of excess salts and must be taken always in the form of authority.
10 - Olive oil: It is the best oils for the health of the body, which must be added to all dishes daily and improve the performance of kidneys.

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